Meet The Band

(Bono) Frank Farkas Lead singer & Front Man

Frank had his first guitar bought for him at the age of 12 and was playing competently by the age of 14. Frank is totally self taught, never having had a single lesson musically or vocally. He played drums in his first band, then went on to play bass guitar in a band called ‘unit 3’ where he started writing his own material. They were a “MOD” band playing covers from “The Jam” to “The Who”. During this time frank was often mistaken for ‘Bruce Foxten’ himself. He then moved on to play bass and backing vocals for a Rock’n’Roll outfit called ‘Look Back’ then later in a band called ‘New Direction’. Next Frank set up his own band called ‘New Image’ in which he performed his own material along with covers, playing the pub and club circuit . Frank did many tours in Germany in his next band, the extremely popular club band ‘Premier’ gaining a £50,000 recording contract for a single and an album. It was around this time that his then agent ‘Mike King’ suggested he did a U2 tribute because of his uncanny resemblance and vocal similarity to that of ‘Bono’. From that came his next band ‘Us 4’. They were in constant demand which took them all over Europe. Frank, has in the past done much session work in recording studios, and was more recently cast to do a pilot advert as ‘Bono’ for Greggs the bakery. He has also helped out numerous times as front man for other U2 tribute bands and performs solo acoustic sets for private functions. Recently whilst attending the U2 360 degree concerts, Frank was often mistaken for the great ‘Bono’ himself and was asked to sign autographs time and time again. He was photographed hundreds of times both by and with adoring fans. His present band ‘NEW2’ is without doubt ‘The Ultimate Tribute Band’ with outstanding vocals, stage presence and professionalism.

(The Edge) Stedge Lead Guitar an BVs

stedge   I started playing guitar at 18. Played in various bands all over England including a band formed with my brother called Flyby Tuesday. I was a finalist at the first guitar hero competition at Wembley conventions centre. Studied music production in leicester. I was one half of the writing and production duo called Ambray that has signed recordings to chillout and downtempo labels such as Buddha bar and sine records. Im the guitarist in an originals indie rock act called Indianic.

(Adam Clayton) Steve Wilson – Bass Guitar.

  Steve Wilson.. Has played Bass guitar since 1974.. and STILL loves it. Music has been a passion for him since the very early 60`s when his older sister started buying Beatles LPs . Steve was very much influenced by Glam rock of the early 70`s , esp. Slade , but then , in 1975 , Steve went to see the mighty Dr Feelgood , and this gig really changed the way Steve approached music , and playing ! It was during the late 70`s , playing punk / new wave , in his band The Quick , that Steve first met Frank Farkas , and they have been friends ever since. Steve has played in many bands around the Keighley / Skipton area , notebly The Shakes in the early 80`s , and although they never had any major success , the band wrote 51st State , a song New Model Army scored a big UK hit with ! He recently left The Big Bang , after 26 ( yes, TWENTY SIX ) years . He was taking a sabbatical from playing , when he got the call from New 2 , and this offer was deffo one that he could not resist… firstly , because the guys in New 2 are all fantastic players , but secondly , and most importantly , it the first oppertunity Steve has had to be in a band with his long time friend Frank. ….and he is LOVING it !

(Larry Mullen, jr) Steve – Drummer & BVs

    Steve has spent many years working with various bands in clubs, holiday parks and even for a cabaret band on P&O Ferries. Also he has done several tours of Germany as well as numerous recording sessions. Steve is an accomplished drummer and vocalist and is highly respected as such. For many years Steve has worked with Frank, going back as far as bands, ‘New Image’ and ‘Premiere’ when they gained their recording contract. Steve has been a loyal and valuable member of ‘New2’ for the last 4 years.

Lighting, Photography & Beer

      Mark has worked with Frank ‘forever’. He could be described as ‘the one that does not play’, but behind the scenes he plays a huge part in bringing New2’s massive audiences a show that is music to their eyes. Mark single handedly creates all of the visual effects that amaze us whilst the band are playing. The lights, smoke and his new incredible laser show are second to none. So indeed Mark does play a vital part within the band in many different ways. Not least keeping the band together and the beer flowing.